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About the Conference

“International Conference On Climate Change, Energy Transition and Sustainability” is organized by the Education for Innovation Foundation, with the aim of promoting the scientific research.

“International Conference on Climate Change, Energy Transition and Sustainability” is an online conference where scholars present and discuss their research results on multidisciplinary topics in English and Turkish. The main theme of the conference is The role of energy transition and energy efficiency for climate change mitigation and adaptation towards the 2030 Agenda”

The conference aims to bring together academics from different disciplines under the title of “energy efficiency, energy conversion and renewable energy” in order to emphasize the concepts of energy transformation and energy efficiency in the perspective of climate change and sustainability.

Climate change, which plays a decisive role on sustainable development efforts by affecting both environmental and socio-economic factors of countries, is the biggest global problem that has been experienced in recent years and is closely related to every country. The use of renewable energy sources plays an important role in supporting a sustainable economy and reducing environmental impacts in the long run. Since the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions is related to energy production and use, the focus has been primarily on improving fossil fuels or electricity use and developing low- or even zero-carbon energy sources. In order to make economic growth sustainable; It is possible to say that it is necessary to increase national production by investing in renewable energy resources, to reduce energy imports, to carry out studies based on public-private cooperation, and to raise awareness of the society about the economic effects of clean and high quality energy. Therefore, it will greatly contribute to science if scientific communities around the world share their knowledge to improve their agility and ability to face future challenges and keep pace with these developments.

We will be honoured by your participation in this conference, which will contribute to scientific discussion and development.  

Conference Organizing Committee