Author Guidelines

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Author Guidelines

  • The language of publication of the conference is in English and Turkish.
  • Page layout should be set for aA4 page and page margins 2 cm from all sides (bottom/top/right/left).
  • Main text should be written in Times New Roman size 10.
  • The main title should be written in 12 font size., bold, and centred; the main subject headings are 10-point in bold capital letters; other sub-titles are in sentence case. 
  • Author Names: First Name, SURNAME, Times New Roman bold and centred, 11-point, author details at the bottom of the page, title, institution, e-mail, Orcid information in 10 point.
  • Abstracts (title case in bold). Text: single line, no indentation in paragraphs, 10-point, 150–300 words.
  • The citations for the text must be in accordance with APA Style, 7th Edition.
  • Citations should be made through opening parentheses in the text, not through footnotes.
  • Titles of tables and figures should be in bold 10-point and above. Sources taken should be given below. For example, Table 1. XxxxXxxx; Figure 1. XxxxXxxx
  • Bibliography should include only the works which are cited in the text. 
  • The similarity rate should be no more than 20%, excluding the bibliography, and the similarity reports should be sent with the full texts.
  • Articles should not exceed 15 pages.

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